Homeowners’ Rights against Foreclosure

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One of the worst problems a Long Island property owner could have is an ignorance of his rights. He might think that because he does not have the means to pay off the loan he made for his house, he has no choice but to give it up and hand it over to his creditors. He wouldn’t even bother hiring a defense attorney and attempt to keep his claim over his property. Because of that, he ends up losing his home, and possibly other valuable things along with it.

An important component of a proper foreclosure defense is the homeowner’s knowledge of his human rights and his assertion of them. A good defense lawyer will explain these rights to his client in detail, and together they will come up with a game plan that will lead to the best possible result, depending on the gravity of the complaint against the client.

One of these rights includes security via several consumer protection laws, such as the Truth in Lending Act and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act. Banks and other lending institutions should adhere to these rules under all instances. Failure to abide with these regulations could cause the prosecutor to lose the case, and the defendant to be free of his obligations to his creditors.

Long Island foreclosure defenseAnother right that an expert lawyer to the Long Island foreclosure defense could look into is the right of his client against mortgage fraud. This happens when a lending company promises to refinance a homeowner’s loan after an agreed upon period, and then refuse to honor this agreement. Because the company chooses not to lend additional money to the homeowner, the latter becomes unable to finish paying for his property. The defense lawyer could use this event as a counterargument against prosecutor, even reversing the situation and accusing the lending company of deceiving his client to enter into a fake agreement with them.

In Long Island, foreclosure defense also involves the possibility of filing for bankruptcy, whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy would allow the home owner to reinstate his mortgage over a period of five years, more or less, while a Chapter 7 requires a shorter period of time to pay back the arrearages. Declaring bankruptcy would cause the homeowner’s credit score to go down, but it is an option that is open to mortgage owners. Most creditors are even open to decreasing the negative credit score to seven years (in comparison to the original ten-year period) if their requirements are met by the debt owner.

One other right a homeowner should be aware of is the right against fraudulent and misleading papers. These may include sloppily written and vague documents, with content designed to confuse the home owner. Some lending companies even go to the extent of falsifying their papers, or declare that the original copies have been lost, leaving no proof to what the original agreement entails.

An experienced Long Island foreclosure defense lawyers would do well to point out when instances of fraud are evident in his client’s contracts, and give supporting evidence that would prove that the lending company produced fabricated or incomplete documents that did not list down all the provisions that it had with the home owner.

Due process ensures that a citizen’s rights will be respected, but if the citizen does not know what these are, it would not mean a thing. A Long Island homeowner who is in danger or losing his house over foreclosure should be aware of his rights and, if unsure, should consult with a lawyer on the best way to exercise them.

The History of Challenge Coins

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It is said that the beginning of challenge coins originated during the time of World War I. At the start of the 19th century, the world was at the point of disaster, and war was coming to a full blast. Countries were either enemies or allies, and life was expected to be extremely severe, short, and devastating. So were the people of the western world stimulated to join forces with the other armies, and volunteers were adding in great numbers, as the public was encouraged to defend themselves and the communities, for life to go on and persevere. In the United States, numerous volunteers from all walks of life filled the flying squadrons.

Challenge CoinsAmong those who led the squadrons was a wealthy lieutenant who came from grand colleges in the cities. This lieutenant ordered medallions of solid bronze for each of the members of his squadron. He presented it to his unit and told them to place their medallions in small leather pouches that would be worn around their necks. These medallions, he said, will be an emblem to prove their membership and give them the identity that is rightfully theirs. At a time when life comes bleakly, it will stand as a pillar for safety, liberty and freedom.

Shortly after challenge coins were distributed among the members of the squadron, the pilot’s aircraft turned out to be severely damaged in a far-away land so that he was forced to land his aircraft just behind the enemy lines. He was then captured by the German patrol, which took everything in the pilot’s possession—everything except the bronze medallion in the leather pouch worn around his neck. So was he taken to a small French town, where he was able to escape the enemies when a bombardment shattered the town and gave him opportunity to save himself from death and destruction. However, as everything was taken from him, he was left without identity. He was able to cross a no-man’s land and advantageously stumbled onto a French outpost, where a band of saboteur had entered the outpost. The French army thought him to be one of the saboteurs and they planned to execute him, for he carried no identification, nothing except the bronze medallion hanging on his neck. One of the French captors saw the medallion and recognized the insignia imprinted on the medallion. This saved the life of the American pilot, and instead of shooting him, the French army gave him a bottle of wine.

From that time on, it had become a tradition in the armies to wear challenge coins in which the insignia or emblem of the army squadron would be imprinted. It was believed that challenge coin carries the distinguished mark that gives its members the identity of being a part of the army. Still, the tradition itself made way for squadrons to offer a challenge to its members on whether or not they carry an emblem with them. If the member could not present this challenge coin, they were to buy a drink for the member of the squadron who had challenged them. However, if the member could present this challenge coin, then it was the challenger who should buy the drink for that other member who was challenged. Thus, the name “challenge coin” was born, and it became a tradition in the military to always carry with them challenge coins. They are to keep and carry this medallion wherever they go, as it signifies their membership, proving their service to the army and to the country. It is the symbol that would ascertain how they offered true service to the nation—an emblem of dedication, loyalty and patriotism.

Avoid Loss of Employees through Employee Retention

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It is important for an employer to make his employees stay. Many problems might cause loss of employees, but what should a leader do to prevent them? Employee retention program is a solution in avoiding these costly employee turnovers.

The first step to achieve employee retention is to hire the right people. The next one is helping the employees plan for their career development in your company. Then, give them motivation to continue to work harder for your organization. However, even if you have already done these things, you cannot avoid problems that may still affect your goal, which is to make them stay for a long period of time.

Employee retentionInside the company, you cannot avoid situations that make your employees want to quit the job. That is why the first three steps are important. Building good relationships with them will be of great help too. If you ask employees, “What made you quit your job?”, the answer will mostly be about how the management treated them. Managers and supervisors usually overwork them, their goals and decisions do not match with their employees, or the management is playing favorites with them. These are just some examples of situations that may arise. Here are some other things that result to employees’ poor performance:

You hire people according to their personality and skills. When you give them a workload that is beyond their knowledge and skills, it also greatly affects their performance. They might also complain about the stress and additional workload.

Working with other people with different personalities is never an easy job plus the fact that you have to do it while working in the organization. There will be conflicts that will arise every now and then. You may also face situations that you do not even know how to solve. This includes issues involving the employees’ behavior. That is why it is very important to know your employees. Observe and know what the source of the conflict is and determine the most possible solutions.

It is inevitable for employees to have their personal problems, may it be at home, relationships, financial, or health. As their employer, make sure that as much as possible, these problems will not affect their performance at work. Hear what they have to say and give them proper advices. You should also try to offer them help in any way you can. You can also make some adjustments for them if really needed. Let them know that they are under your care always.

Are your employees bored at work? It is not healthy for them to always stay inside the office and face their desks, computers, and paper works. You must provide them outdoor activities too that will help them take a break from the loads of work that they need to finish every day. Once in a while, organize or let them attend a social gathering, set an outing every six months, let them see new sceneries and environment, or plan events that will let them enjoy and have fun. This will also help build good relationships between you and your employees.

These are just a few ways to organize your employee retention programs in the company. Always be sensitive to what your employees are experiencing or feeling. This will help you know what you can do for them as their employer. Avoiding employee turnovers will also achieve employee retention. Be aware that damages beyond repair needs to be out of your organization. Do not be afraid to fire employees who do not need to be in your company.

PCB Assembly: the First Phase

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Inside every piece of consumer hardware bought by hundreds and thousands of people every day, one will find electronics. These tiny mechanisms make up the brain and the heart of every device and appliance. For those who are thinking about starting their own hardware business, they’ll have to have a great team that can design and produce custom electronics for them. An electrical engineer, specifically, will know how the process works. Still, it can be helpful for businessmen themselves to know how the process goes.

In this article, you’ll learn about the first phase of PCB assembly. Read on to find out what happens at each step of the process. As an overview, the following are the main steps involved in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards:

• Applying Solder Paste

• SMT Pick and Place

• Infrared Reflow

• Inspection / Quality Assessment

• Thru-Hole Component Insertion

• Wave Soldering

• Functional Test / Final Inspection

• Production of the PCBs

PCB assemblyBut before getting into a comprehensive look on these steps, what is a PCB? PCB stands for printed circuit board. It is the flat fiberglass board found in most devices and appliances. It houses the traces connecting different components and pads. It is made of epoxy and laminated fiberglass, ensuring durability, copper traces for conduction, and solder mask (often green in color) to ensure the solder remains in place.

PCBs are manufactured using automated fabrication processes today. In the old days, they were manually crafted, which was not only laborious but also time-consuming. Customers have a wide variety of options and lots of layers to choose from, which can cater to specific requirements. There are also variations in the steps involved, which depends on the type of board being created.

Here are the steps on PCB assembly:

Application of the Solder Paste

The first step in PCB assembly is applying solder paste onto the board. This is made of lots of small balls of metal, known as solder, mixed with flux, a chemical designed to aid in the melting and bonding of the metal. The solder paste has a grey appearance and has to be placed in very accurate locations on the board, and in very precise amounts.

In manufacturing plants and factories, the process is done professionally using solder stencils, automated machines and precision fixtures. The stencil is made of a thin sheet of steel that has small holes in it where the paste is able to pass through. The stencil is then placed over the board, allowing the paste to be squeegeed through the stencil. After removing the stencil, the solder place will already be placed in the correct locations.

SMT Pick and Place

The second step in PCB assembly is using the pick-and-place machine. This is an automated machine that takes and places various components on their corresponding positions on the PCB. SMT – surface mount technology – refers to the process of placing components ONLY at the surface of the PCB. These days, majority of devices and appliances that utilize non-connector components use this technology. This is because this method, using the pick and place machinery, is a lot faster, more accurate, and can operate round the clock. In comparison to manual laborers who are a lot slower, need frequent rest breaks and encounter many errors, it’s easy to see why SMT has become the technology of choice in the present generation.

These two initial steps are very essential, and getting them done just right is crucial in the overall results at the end of the manufacturing process. Now, you’re a lot more knowledgeable about the first phase of PCB assembly.

Promoting a Motivational Speaker

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Public speaking is an art form because not everyone can do it as well as it should be. There are various kinds of public speakers from gurus to keynote speakers to the ever popular motivational speaker. Although these people speak at different events, handle varying audiences and work on different topics, they have something in common: most of them, especially those who are just starting out in the industry, have the need for self-promotion. Apart from personal integration, this is another obstacle that all speakers encounter during their career.

Promoting oneself is not as easily done as it is said. Just like other types of business, being a public speaker requires proper branding. This is easier to accomplish when the right backing or support is available but a relatively new speaker does not have these connections. He needs to start from the ground up. Eventually, after a number of speeches, if the motivational speaker is indeed great at the craft, he will start experiencing the opposite side of things, the side where people will be contacting him for gigs than the other way around.

Motivational speakerThe first thing that a new speaker should think about is the venue. When it comes to speeches, especially for new blood, they are the ones who organize everything to get noticed. This means that it also becomes the job of the speaker to think of a theme and book a place to discuss it in. The venue is very important indeed.

In a speech of this sort, a personal element is very important. The speech should be informative yet have the semblance of an everyday conversation. The selected venue should be just the right size to fit the audience. This will create a cozier and more relaxed atmosphere not only for the motivational speaker but for those who are in attendance as well.

For a public speaker, branding is everything. The goal is to get people to notice you. Basically, you will have no income unless you are invited to speak at major assemblies and the like. This is why you should think of yourself as a product. You need to have a solid marketing plan. Tell potential clients why they need to hire you instead of someone else. The right marketing plan can help the new motivational speaker gain a number of potential clients in a short period of time.

Simple advertising strategies such as printing ads, selling tickets to speeches, engaging in pro bono speeches, and the like will help you out. The initial part of the business involves an introduction. Income generation comes later in the deal. It is also a good idea to sign up with other speaking groups.

Joining professional communities and generating industry connections early on in the game will prove to be truly beneficial for the public speaker. These professional connections have access to the best events and can offer a new public speaker a number of excellent tips and strategies regarding the improvement of one’s craft.

Probably the most important thing in this is case is actually asking for feedback. Although it may not be the easiest thing to do, hearing any criticisms or suggestions on one’s performance can easily turn things around for a fresh motivational speaker. Being coached by the best in the industry can help a speaker improve tremendously.

Prepare a speech, deliver it, and ask others what they think. They might have pieces of advice to share not only on the content or the way you write, but also on your gestures, presenting practices, props, equipment, and other components that can make a presentation truly outstanding.

Importance of Movable Cubicles in Small Businesses

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One of the problems with small businesses is the lack of enough storage space for their possessions and items. This may be because they are trying to save money by having a small area instead of occupying a bigger area which can entail huge rental costs. In order to solve the problem of space, most of them rent movable cubicles that are proven to be beneficial to them. Businesses, whether big or small, will always come up with such kind of dilemma because they will acquire more things than they have planned. The longer the existence of a business, the more things they amass. If you are an owner of a small business, then know what these cubicles or portable storage containers can do for you.

Movable CubiclesOne of the benefits of movable cubicles is that these can store a lot of things. These are things that you may not even think you should place in such a container. You can place there furniture items that you may not be using at all but would be a waste to throw away. An example would be additional office desks that you will not utilize just yet and do not have enough space for. You may have economized and cut down the number of staff you have so extra tables are suddenly there. You can place these tables in a portable storage container and let them stay there until you decide to use them again or dispose them permanently. When these tables are out of the office, the available space can be utilized for other purposes.

Small businesses will always be in need of office supplies and materials such as paper, pencils, pens, staplers, scissors, post-its and other necessary items needed to run a business; but because of lack of space, businesses will buy only a small number of these supplies and will only re-order when they need to be replenished. Buying in small quantities is costlier than buying in bulk in wholesale prices. Suppliers will give you a big discount if you buy in bulk. If you have a portable storage container, you can place your extra supplies there. This will also mean lesser time in performing inventory inspections and more time in running the business.

Movable cubicles will also help you in times of recovery from calamities or disasters. For example, there was a flood in your office caused by a storm in the area. With a storage unit, you can place all your things there as you perform repairs on your office.

Another benefit of these portable storage units is that they can be useful to you if you wish to transfer to another office space. Transferring to another location can be very stressful. The items that you do not need anymore can be thrown out while the ones that you will still use and need can be stored in your storage unit.

When small businesses flourish, this may ignite hiring new staff. Because of this, you will need more storage units so that extra items can be stored. These cubicles can then be used not only when downsizing but also when hiring more employees.

Small businesses also use movable cubicles for additional office space and convenience. Such storage units are very convenient as they can be placed in your own property right outside of your office. This will cut down travel time for you to get things stored there. You will also love the space in the office that has been vacated by things you do not need any longer once they have been transferred to your storage unit.

These are the benefits of movable cubicles so have one now for your business.

Ostarine As Non-steroidal Androgen Receptor Ligand

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One needs to have an idea about ligands such as ostarine. What is a ligand and how is it significant to the body? Ligand is a molecule or protein that binds to either the receptor of a tissue or the DNA in our bodies to produce a biological result.

One DNA-binding ligand is ostarine, which induces androgen receptors of target sites for the receptors to be able respond to the testosterone. The response of the receptors towards the tissue is called the agonizing effect. This ligand may also make some receptor cells resist the androgenic effect. That case being is known as the antagonistic effect.

ostarineBeing a DNA ligand, it may be true that if ostarine is taken in more than what is recommended will alter the DNA/RNA structure. Such case of alteration could cause a mutation of cells. Mutation will contribute to cancer development.

The agonistic effects of ostarine are on voluntary muscles and skeletal tissues. This ligand alters the gene transcription of androgen receptors. This case thus impacts the cell’s behavior in the receptors.

Androgen receptors fall under the estrogen receptor-like subfamily, and 3 ketosteroids receptor group. Androgen receptors are grouped along glucocorticoid, mineralocorticoid and progesterone receptors. It is possible for this ligand to affect the other hormones in the adrenal glands as well, despite its selectivity to testosterone. The hormones or enzymes that get affected in the adrenal gland are cortisol, aldosterone, progesterone and estrogen. Thus, ostarine may cause unpleasant effects on blood sugar, blood pressure and estradiol levels in the blood. Using this agent may trigger the development of diabetes due to the action of the cortisol that increases the blood sugar level.

Diabetes mellitus has signs and symptoms of excessive thirst and hunger, frequent urination and blurry vision. Thus, it is recommended that one has his/her blood levels tested before taking in this SARM and before undergoing the PCT cycle. Not only by the time when one starts feeling the things that aren’t usual one should ask his/her blood levels tested.

This SARM not only affects the adrenal glands but the pancreas and liver as well. This agent also affects the hypothalamus by inducing a negative feedback mechanism. That is, if the natural testosterone in the body is forced to the extremes, the message is sent to the hypothalamus to inhibit or halt the pituitary gland in the brain to release LH or Luteinizing hormone. Inhibition of LH release also inhibits the production of testosterone by the testes. This negative feedback may result to low sperm count, or enlarged prostate and dysfunctional gonads/testes (hypogonadism) if PCT or Post Cycle Therapy is not carried out after the 8-week duration of using the agent.

IGF1R or Insulin-like growth factor I receptor and insulin receptor are also the target genes in our DNA of androgen receptor alteration. This alteration may produce cell growth and multiplication of the certain tissues in our body. The action of a burst in testosterone, together with those of the insulin and IGF1R will impact the development of our muscles, bones, joints, nerves, and connective tissues. This is probably why this SARM is taken more on the side of muscle-building and in making the bones dense.

The replication of DNA and/or RNA is a doing of this SARM. This SARM is capable of altering the proteins in a cell. The alteration of protein within the cells enables them to undergo gene transcription or change. This agent may cause a defect in the genes, which have the capacity to infuse the defect to their duplicate. These genes scatter themselves to the different parts of the body like what the oncogenes or cancer genes do.

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ostarine may cause unpleasant effects on blood sugar, blood pressure and estradiol levels in the blood. Using this agent may trigger the development of diabetes due to the action of the cortisol that increases the blood sugar level.

Lanyards in Businesses

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Technology has developed so quickly. It has enhanced even the most mundane of things. It has created various machines that make everyday life easier. Engineers and architects have pushed their talents to the limits in order to keep up with constant change. Buildings are torn down in order to rebuild bigger and taller ones. Offices and businesses expand and grow as the years pass by.

LanyardsPeople tend to forget the importance of small matters, of detail and simplicity. Children are more inclined in learning computers and its capabilities. Scientists try to uncover other ways of developing the digital world; but what are the things that keep these updates in check? What prevents them from collapsing and falling apart? What is the one thing that yields wreckage from big machineries to small gadgets?

It is the inventions made from earlier years – the earlier years when sailors, soldiers and entrepreneurs needed new ways to make their jobs easier.

One of the many invented items that still live today is the lanyard. Lanyards have been providing endless help in a variety of industries.

1)Schools –

One of the most successful businesses in the world. The use of lanyards became popular due to their stylish look and their appeal to the young ones. Children will not complain wearing their IDs when they love the design of their school’s logo on it;

2)Companies –

May it be in the marketing industry, advertising or sales, these straps have been effective holders of IDs, house keys or cell phones. In the business world, identification is important for punching in your time of arrival at work and when you leave from work. CEO’s and Presidents find it handy for keeping up on their employees’ punctuality, as well as their personal information.

On the other hand, the employees may fancy the company’s new logo design. It may even be fitting on their office attires. Their car keys, house keys or cell phones won’t be misplaced when in a hectic schedule at work as these will always just be hanging around their necks;

3)Heavy Machineries –

Workers handling cranes and bulk cargoes need not just an identification badge, but also a safe line for their job. They are not just made for fashion and efficiency, but also for security. Since usage of large machines, company owners wish to protect their employees with safely lines attached to their bodies. This is to prevent falls or other mishaps while working.

These are the reasons why materials of lanyards are developed to be even sturdier and well-made. The polyester, silk, satin, woven and nylon are the most common. Businesses not only use these items for their employees but some also produce them. A number of companies opt to have their straps customized for the unique look of their identification cards.

In addition, some companies produce them as a business. These companies mostly promote their products online. This makes marketing easier and for information to be easily spread. A good comment from customers may also help in their business. Bigger corporations tend to coordinate with these companies. They become regular customers which starts a beneficial relationship.

Lanyards have come a long way in the selling and trade industry. This is the reason why providers of these items keep on reproducing and improving their products in order to attract new consumers. It is not limited to just young ones but very useful for the elderly as well. These companies target the largest consumer age range and begin there.

Prices vary from materials to how they are manufactured. They also differ from one company to the next. Manufacturing companies are successful in selling these kinds of products. As a result, those businesses grow and multiply every year. This shows just how popular these useful items are, and they will definitely be around for a longer period of time.

5 Things To Look Out For When Looking To Hire New York SEO Services

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No matter what type of services you want to hire someone to help you with, it’s imperative that you look at every angle carefully. Often time’s people rush through the process of finding people to work with because it’s too easy to just do a quick search online and call it a day. That’s not a good way to move forward within the process of hiring anyone. You may have already learned this lesson for your home, but when it comes to technology, many don’t apply simple elements to work. It gets even more difficult to hire someone that will help you with conjecture, or intangible elements such as search engine optimization services. If you’re looking to hire someone and you start with looking online for something like New York SEO services, you’re going to definitely need to do more than just hire whomever comes up at the number one spot. Taking that into consideration, make sure that you keep in mind 5 things when you are going to hire someone to help you with internet marketing as a whole.

Length of Time in Business

The first thing that you want to look for is how long they’ve been working on internet marketing. Some companies have been around a long time, others are new. There’s nothing wrong with going with New York SEO services that are new. However, make sure to compare them to other more “seasoned” companies. You will want to make sure that you are able to balance them both in your quest to hire someone that is going to help you gain a bit of leverage in your niche. If you find that a company has been around some time, and has a good portfolio, make sure that you rank them high on your list.

The Portfolio

As mentioned above, you want to make sure that the company that you want to hire has a good portfolio. If they do not have a track record of any work, and they aren’t responsive as to inquiries about their past, then you don’t want to go with them. No major tech company today is going to want to hide their work from the past, as it should stand out as some of the reasons that you should hire them. Always make sure that you look for a solid portfolio, and if they do not feature one online, ask for a client list and use them as references. Do not just hire anyone without these two elements, and if you must go with someone new, make sure that you get a detailed bit of information as to how they are going to help you out.

Customized Services

There are several options that you can explore with search engine optimization. If you’re going to hire services, make sure that you ask them about how they are going to implement their work. Some will work within white hat techniques, others will work with black hat techniques. Some will be experimental, some will go by the book, and others will not give you a template of work, they will be able to come up with a solution that is specific to your needs as a whole. It’s something that is very important to understand here. Do not allow anyone to give you a cookie cutter solution, because search engines see right through that. Ask for a custom solution and see what they give you as an answer.

The Price Tag

New York SEO ServicesAs with anything that you’re going to purchase, make sure that you consider the overall costs of employing any one of the many New York SEO services. Ask about pricing today and in the future. Some companies are going to charge you an arm and a leg after the fact. Do not get caught up into subscription options, or anything that is going to cost you an arm and a leg before you see results. Always seek out resolutions that will help you gauge whether or not the company hired will give you results. Too often, companies are hired and results don’t really manifest. If you don’t watch out, you could end up getting taken for a ride with pricing.

Where Do They Land?

Here is a trick that many people don’t really remember when looking for optimization companies to hire. Look at the company that you want to hire and consider searching online for keywords related to their business. If they don’t come up first, then question where they are landing. See where they fit in the whole SEO world. If you see that they aren’t anywhere to be found, and they are ranked really low in the rankings, perhaps they aren’t doing a good job overall. It’s very important that you do not hire any New York SEO services that aren’t up high in the search results.

The aforementioned are just 5 things that you should be considering when you want to hire any company to help with internet marketing. This is something that is crucial to the success of your business, and should not be taken lightly, or for granted. Take your time, and find the right solution for your business’s marketing needs.

Greatest Golfers

December 30th, 2014 by Kelly Rodriguez 1 comment »

Through the years, golf has become a sport that’s one of the biggest and one of those that have been widely played. The rise of the sport has given players fame and fortune. Today you can never doubt the popularity it has brought as TaylorMade Golf products and those of other well-known manufacturers are always sought after by discerning players. There are a lot of golf companies – TaylorMade golf being one of them – and these companies produce great golfers.

There are golfers who are famous today, but they definitely owe a lot to those players who came before them. Perhaps they even served as an inspiration to the younger ones.

Want to know who are the best and the greatest in this sport? Here are ten of them (in alphabetical order).

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer is known as a player who has an ‘ugly’ swing. Regardless, he has joined the PGA tour and won 62 times, and that includes seven major championships. He was said to be one of golf’s best putters.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan’s career was actually cut short by a terrible auto accident, but he still was able to accomplish having 62 career wins and nine major championship victories.

Bobby Jones

For his entire career, Bobby Jones played as an amateur, but he was still successful – he brought home three Open Championships and four US Opens within 7 years. He retired when he was 28 years old and went on to establish The Masters.

Byron Nelson

Taylormade GolfByron Nelson has 52 wins which included five majors. He won both the PGA Championship and The Masters twice. He was one of those who retired young, but that didn’t keep him from having an incredible season way back 1945 – he had won 18 times and that includes 11 consecutive games.

Gary Player

Gary Player’s nickname was “The Dark Knight” – this is because he prefers to wear all-black outfits. His career ended with three Masters titles as well as three Open Championships. He won about 100 tournaments worldwide.

Jack Nicklaus

He was not called the “Golden Bear” for nothing. He was consistently great and was second on the all-time wins list. He racked around73 wins during his career; this even included 18 major championships. He was said to be the one that Tiger Woods was chasing his whole life.

Sam Snead

Over his long career, Sam Snead -only- managed seven majors. He also has another impressive record: he has the highest victories in PGA which is 82. He served in World War II in between his golf victories. He finished the PGA Championship at third place when he was 62.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is said to be the sport’s greatest player of all time. Does he deserve the title even though he still hasn’t broken Jack Nicklaus’ record for the highest number of victories? It’s probably so because Tiger Woods has other achievements that make him deserving of such a title.

Tiger Woods won more scoring titles, more money titles, and more awards for Player of the Year than anyone else. He has more PGA tour victories, and has more seasons won compared to anyone else. He not only has the numbers, but he also accomplished his feats in golf history’s deepest and most talented era.

Tom Watson

Tom Watson was one of those dominant players worldwide. He won eight majors that included five Open Championships. He had Byron Nelson as his mentor, and it was during his care that Watson’s career took flight – he won his first career major in a year of them working together.

Walter Hagen

Walter Hagen was one of the greatest golfers during the first half of the 1900s. During his career, he won 11 major championships, and he was the first American who brought home a British Open Championship.

Walter Hagen was once refused entry to country clubs’ clubhouses as he came from a middle class family and was once a caddy. He then helped in ending the class division in golf.

Want to be like them? Be the best golfer of your generation. TaylorMade golf can help you out. It’s not too late to learn the sport – go to TaylorMade Golf for your golfing needs.